Tomodachi: The Edge of the World, Simon Higgins

Tomodachi: The Edge of the World, Simon Higgins

1543. Japan. A strange realm of wealth and warriors, it was said, perched on the fi ery, grumbling edge of the world.

Tomodachi is Japanese for ‘friend’ and that’s just what young Daniel Marlowe is going to need, shipwrecked and separated
from his father in a Japan torn by civil war.

Kenji also has a problem that only a trusted friend could help with.

He has fl ed an obligation with a deadly stain on his samurai honour, and must reach his far-off castle home. In his path lie brigands, warlords and their feuding armies. And worse. Temptations and lessons, on the hard road to wisdom.

So begins an unlikely friendship, a dangerous journey, and a series of gripping adventures across a beautiful land haunted by the shadow of the sword.

‘Tomodachi is not only a great action-packed ripping yarn which is sure to appeal to boys of all ages, it is also a terrific historical novel which presents Japan’s feudal era in fascinating detail.’
Pamela Freeman, Winner NSW History Prize for Young People, 2006
The first seven chapters of Tomodachi: The Edge of the World are available on our Tomodachi page, along with teachers’ notes and cool stuff like screensavers for mobile phones and PCs.

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