About Us - Pulp Fiction Press

Pulp Fiction Press, although a fledgling publisher, has a solid and reputable background.

Our origin at Pulp Fiction Bookshop, trading in Brisbane, Australia, for over a decade as specialists in crime, mystery and speculative fiction, has taught us what sells.

The Press began initially to revive out-of-print Australian crime and speculative fiction. Our first publication was an omnibus edition of two Phryne Fisher novels by Kerry Greenwood, which was a big success.

Since then so many exciting unpublished manuscripts have come our way that we’ve shifted our focus from the past to the future and we want to publish original work by Australian and New Zealand writers.

Pulp Fiction Press is not a vanity press. We pay advances and royalties to those authors whose work we accept for publication. Authors are not charged for any part of the publication process, nor is there a manuscript reading fee.

We have national distribution in Australian and New Zealand bookshops through Peribo Pty. Ltd.

As a specialist publisher we take the book business and genre fiction seriously. Being passionate readers of these genres, we love them and know their commercial potential.