Phryne Fisher Mysteries, Kerry Greenwood

Phryne Fisher Mysteries, Kerry Greenwood

Volume One: ‘Cocaine Blues’ and ‘Flying Too High’

The first two classic Phryne Fisher mysteries finally back in print – together in one volume.


Cocktails, haute couture and exotic dancers. What more could a girl want?

For Phryne Fisher, rich, aristocratic and far too intelligent to be content as a flapper in the Jazz Age, it’s all in a day’s work. On the trail of a drug czar, she collects men, fast cars and designer dresses. But no matter how delicious the distractions, Phryne never takes her eyes off the main prize: bringing down the nastiest villain ever to grace a
Melbourne drawing room.


Planes. Parties. Peril.

Walking the wings of a Tiger Moth in full flight ought to be enough excitement for anybody. But not for the Honourable Phryne Fisher, on the trail of murder and mayhem in uptown Melbourne. Clearing a friend of homicide charges and saving a child from kidnapping do not leave much time for love, luxury or lechery but, as always, Phryne manages to fit them in. After all, why be a Lady Investigator if you can’t have fun?

‘Brains, bravura and bags of style… a scintillating start to the series.’ Katherine England, The Advertiser

‘A delicious bon-bon of a book…’ The Australian

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